Today there are many brand name products offering you firewalls, intrusion detection, failover, bonding, etc, but typically these services are run on multiple boxes. At MountainBox we have decided to combine all these services, and more, into one box, making it an ideal, low cost solution for SMMEs as well as corporates with small to medium sites. This means that you save on hardware costs, software costs, licensing costs and support costs.

Do not however for one moment think that we have compromised anything by doing this. We use the latest state of the art hardware platforms with multi-core processors and 64-bit operating systems.

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WAN Virtualization/SD-WAN is one of the features of the MountainBox. WAN Virtualization is a term that commonly refers to the addition of hardware and/or software to enhance WAN performance by adding hardware and/or software to intelligently manage WAN connectivity services in order to provide extremely reliable and responsive service i.e. MPLS at a fraction of the price i.e. Internet-based.

A WAN Virtualization Appliance, such as the MountainBox iDiG, treats multiple carrier or telco networks as one virtual network.

iDiG is therefor at last an Internet-based solution tailored for SMMEs as well as corporates with small and medium sites, requiring MPLS-like performance and features at a fraction of the cost!

The MountainBox has been created and developed using Global standards-based components to deliver on requirements by a team passionate about empowering businesses to use the speeds and cost effectiveness of broadband for serious business. We have listened carefully to the requirements of the stakeholders and are excited that our service delivers powerfully on these at a highly cost effective price.
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