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Turning Best-Effort Networks into Great Networks
MountainBox has an extensive suite of security features including IDS/IPS, content filtering, web search filtering, anti-malware, geo-IP based firewalling, IPsec, OpenVPN (SSL) and other VPN connectivity and Malware Protection, while providing the performance required for modern, bandwidth-intensive networks.

The Stateful firewall has support for IPv4 and IPv6 and live view on blocked or passed traffic.

Layer 7 fingerprinting technology lets administrators identify unwanted content and applications and prevent recreational apps like BitTorrent from wasting precious bandwidth.

The integrated IDS/IPS engine delivers superior intrusion prevention coverage, a key requirement for PCI 3.2 compliance.

Get rid of the Trojans & CNC bots with state of the art inline intrusion prevention utilising Suricata and SNORT VRT or Proofpoint's Emerging Threats Open rules integrated. Optional ET PRO (commercial subscription) or ET PRO Telemetry (sign-up for free).

Best of all, these industry-leading Layer 7 security engines and signatures are always kept up-to-date via the cloud, simplifying network security management and providing peace of mind to IT administrators.

Available as a Managed Service - Halo